Cant Stop

Cant Stop

He knew he should stop, but he couldn't...

And he still won’t stop. How could he?  

He was a Scorpio, just another harmless Harlem kid who was raised by his mother and the Bible.  Now, with Cassie right beside him and Lazarus around his neck, we can reflect, and respect him for not stopping back then.  

he could have been silenced when violence at the tournament he organized claimed 9 lives, turning the vision of his supporters from eyes of gratitude to torment.  It's not how it was meant, but it was then that he realized his attitude and intent wouldn't be nearly enough without being exceptionally relentless.  especially when you have a vision to cement yourself as the man responsible for inventing the concept of reinventing audio content. 

i Freek the funky fly remix kid.

Besides that tragic stampede, for him to succeed he knew that something should indeed stop…college.  So he conceded, made it a quick means to an end, and amended his plan of attending - instead gained knowledge to lead from hustling uptown, and interning at Uptown.  cant stop now, Cant Nobody even slow down the chase for the crown of the town that was thriving early in the 90’s; tribes striving to stake their claims to become the greatest in entertainment - and he aim was to be more Muhammad Ali than Ali G.  

Seems that, if he in fact had stopped at Craig Mack then maybe a phrase like ‘Baby Baby’ would never had been made famous courtesy of the cadence of the most cleanest and meanest genius of modern day music.  R.I.P. Biggie Smalls. But that’s revisionist history.  

He, like me, lived through deaths of best friends, learning that the physical forms of many great men get taken - ending too soon, or so it appears.  He persevered through, refused succumbing to the scum; choose not to lose with the losers and goons - Ok, maybe some Loons.  but mostly Bad Boys, Groovey Lews, and those who continue to honor BIG by Puffin Mary J and humming tunes.  Remember when he was still feeling the Sting and the world heard him sing I'll Be Missing You...

SOME MEN ARE FASTING, Others are taking ASPIRINS, the rest ease the PAIN BY PUFF, PUFF, & PASSIN'

Later, all the shiny suits got dull, There was a trial for guns in a club - bullets were lodged in skulls, bribes in limos, j lo's, brides and bimbos.  old stories get left untold.  Sometimes the sun comes up but Shyne’s in the hole.  there’s No Way Out.  so now he’s swinging some bottles on Stoute, and sometime between Johnny Cochran and Pac, he knew he should stop...but he couldn't,  

record forever then Revolt.

He knew if he had stopped that we wouldn’t be sipping Red Berry Circoc, or wearing all white sean jeans in St Tropez.  Today, I imagine he’s going for Kim, his twins, and Q, Christian, Justin, Chance, and you.  Take That!  From Suge to Drizzy to 50, they want him to stop - but did he?  If he did he wouldn’t be Diddy.

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