"Pahlajohnny is funny, real, and he raps!"

Neel P. (Pahlajohnny) is a social entrepreneur and creative marketing consultant, based in New York City.  Using elements of music, sports, culture, media, and technology, he has been producing live events, creating products and content, and developing promotional campaigns for non-profits, marketing agencies, Fortune 500 brands, and startups for 12+ years.  Neel is the founder of Hoops India and Modern Doctor Group, and an active board member of Children's Hope India.  Notably, in 2016, he wrote and co-produced the song Pray Along, with Sonia Patel, which was recognized by the UN's Shanti Fund for 'Making musical contributions to peace'. 


I love your rhymes and creative flow. Excellent work on writing, the psychology of the subject matter, the links, and connections you draw to things. It’s uplifting and very impressive.
— The Appetizer Radio Show