Culture Marketing and Talent Agency

Insights and Influence to Inspire



Craft ideas and provide cultural insights to help brands connect with niche, networked, fast-growing populations.

April 2017 - We conducted on-site surveys and interviews, and produced a Consumer Insights Report to detail the consumption trends, attitudes, behaviors, and streaming content preferences of potential customers.



Identify and partner with key people and communities, and reach and resonate with audiences with experiential campaigns.

November 2016 - Connected a top NY-based non-profit organization to an established actor/comedian, to host series of fundraising events and communicate information both online and offline.



Advise, plan, and operate, results-driven campaigns that integrate paid media, events, social & content.

Feb 2017 - Worked with NJ-based agency to develop a go-to-market strategy for a key customer's product launch in the US.  Created a plan, focused on customer acquisition and retention, as well as budget for local media buys, content, and promotional events.