the unauthorized biography of pete rose


voice message from Pete Rose..."Hey Neel, It's Pete Rose"...

Play Ball!

Mr hard nosed, Peter Edward Rose
everybody knows, Bud and Bart Giamatti,
He's the singles season leader.
Charlie Hustle, Hit King, Cincinnati Kid,
with the Phillies, Reds, and Expos, all he does is win

Terrific sortable statistics, games played, at bats, hits, wins, 
sliding into first, headfirst past, Ty Cobb, Yaz, Henry Hammerin' Hank Aaron, 
4,256, from '63 to '86
'65 Koufax, Gibby back in '68
from Seaver to Earl Weaver, the era was great 
Bowa, Morgan,George Foster, and gritty like Ken Griffey
A father like Gary Carter, a Phillie with Mike Schmidty

And No PEDs, just Wheaties and MVPs,
in Crosley to Riverfront, the jersey was #14
Before there was Barry Larkin, the spark in Sparky's Machine 
and brought a ring to Philly, you can ask Dallas Green
about the switch hittin, rookie of the year, 
call your bookie, tell him bet a couple stacks, cracker jacks and get a souvenir

silver slugger, gold glover, all star 
1st, 2nd, 3rd Base, Left and Right Field, he's a pioneer

check the stamina
player, a manager, player manager
Tony Perez, get your camera,
Dave Parker, Marge Schott and Schottzie,
a catcher damager
From Bochy to Fosse nobody can stop me from scoring

(voice message...)

So out the way Mr Dave Pallone, and any other Milk Dud, 
any Bud, Selig, Harrelson, Holly or Bell,
Cooperstown, cant believe the nerve to keep him out the Hall
PahlaJohnny Bench, down callin for the curve ball,

Betting on my team to win,yes i'm investing in
put my money on it, knowin they wont let the best in
Damn, while he'll sign an autograph for a fan,
Something stinks, and a man likes to smell like a man

On my own, with Concepcion, Jimmy, Billy, Bernie Stowe
cant punt, rather stand in the front, and dare em to bunt
and if we make em swing away,then we already won
It's done, Fay will fade awayyy

video with a photos and song lyrics