"pahlajohnny is funny, real, and he raps" 


PahlaJohnny is a lyricist/artist and freelance content producer based in New York City.  He writes and performs original music and spoken word, shares content marketing insights at industry conferences, and produces branded online campaigns for consumer brands.  Plus, he raps - and wins battles

Over his career, he has designed live video streaming products for companies like Red Bull and ESPN, worked with Kenzo Digital on the NYC screening of City of Godson, launched Hoops India in Delhi and Mumbai, and most recently began working with Samsung SDSA as a thought leadership specialist for their delivery teams. 

He's delivered presentations at shows like CES and ClickZ Live, and performed at small venues across NY and India.  Contact to discuss your event, campaigns, stories, music, or general content marketing ideas.

I love your rhymes and creative flow. Excellent work on writing, the psychology of the subject matter, the links, and connections you draw to things. It’s uplifting and very impressive.
— The Appetizer Radio Show